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Darrin Schmitz, President


"He even ran Reince Priebus' successful bid for Republican National Committee chairman.” — Wisconsin State Journal

Darrin Schmitz is the President of Persuasion Partners, Inc. (PPI) Launched in 2005, PPI quickly established itself as a prominent, national consulting firm when Darrin served as the chief strategist for one of just two campaigns in the entire nation that flipped a statewide seat from Democrat to Republican in 2006.

Citing “a number of big wins as a consultant”, Darrin was named a Top Influencer by Campaigns and Elections. He’s earned dozens of Pollie and Reed Awards including a 2019 recognition as a finalist for the American Association of Political Consultants’ People’s Choice Award, which selected his work as one of the three best in the country for the 2018 election cycle.

Darrin has provided voter contact consulting in more than 30 states, six presidential races and victory programs including President Donald Trump’s primary campaign victory in 2016, as well as the Trump/RNC Victory general election. And he has produced voter contact mail and programming for a variety of high profile races across the country including the campaigns of Governors Rauner and Haslam, US Senators Johnson, Cotton and Corker, and US Representatives Duffy, Davis, Kinzinger, Shimkus, Fleischmann, Gallagher and more.

Darrin has been on the forefront of a variety of historic Republican victories including leading the campaign of Reince Priebus for RNC Chairman, defeating a sitting Justice for the first time in 41 years and flipping the Wisconsin Supreme Court for conservatives, electing the first Republican US Senator in Wisconsin in nearly 20 years, and breaking a 40-year hold by Democrats on Wisconsin’s northernmost congressional district.

Prior to founding PPI, Darrin served in a variety of leadership roles on behalf of the longest-serving governor in Wisconsin history, Tommy G. Thompson. He applied his experience as a communications professional to the jobs of Communications Director, Press Secretary and Speechwriter in the governor’s official office. As Deputy Campaign Manager and Turnout Director for Thompson's historic fourth re-election, he oversaw voter turnout strategies and direct mail programs that contributed to Thompson's 20-point victory.

In 2000, Darrin was tapped to lead the Wisconsin efforts of the George W. Bush for President campaign serving as Executive Director. He also served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin where he directed strategy development and implementation, and helped direct the GOP to its largest legislative majority in 50 years.

A communications specialist, Darrin has been quoted in publications across the country including the New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, San Diego Tribune, Pioneer Press, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Roll Call, and more.

“He has a number of big wins as a consultant, and most recently he's credited with guiding Tommy Thompson through a competitive GOP Senate primary.” — Campaigns and Elections